Lauren is a young artist graduated from ESAG Penninghen, who worked as an interior architect more than 3 years at the prestigious office Gilles & Boissier (The Chess Hotel, Revillon flagshipin Paris). At same time, she also develops her « bas-reliefs », carving watercolor paper with scalpel (surgical blades).

Lauren chose paper as a means of expression. Her cutting work proceeds by notches and gives rise to the thickness of the sheet, scales that capture light on surface. Then, the paper becomes sculpture. Light revealing its forms.

Born of the repeated gesture drawing, movement, and shape. Thus occurs an amazing metamorphosis: the paper turns into a textured material, bristling with scales.

She was exposed for the first time in September 2014, at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs of Paris, during AD Interior exhibition. Her unique process by leaving the pencil to scalpel was immediately noticed and she was invited to participate in various exhibitions in Paris (Galerie Dutko, Galerie Octagone…).

In March 2016, she had her first solo show in Paris at the Dutko gallery.

Since November 2016 an exhibition of her recent works is dedicated to her at Christian Liaigre Townhouse in New York.